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The Super Bowl, which is the most-watched television program in the world, aired last night, and with it came plenty of new car ads. Our friends over at took a crack at analyzing them and ended up expressing disapproval for the Fiat ads. We at Buying Cars Her Way hate to admit it, but is right. critiqued the Fiat ads for the way they objectified women—and the way they targeted their commercials at men. Sure, more men on average watch football games than women, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, you can bet just as many women as men—if not, more—have their eyes glued to their screens. So wouldn’t it make sense to tailor the commercials to both genders? In fact, Fiats statistically sell much more to women, so it would actually make sense for the ads to be tailored specifically to females.

In taking a look at the commercials, wrote, “Fiat, it’s time to wake up. The #1 Fiat dealer in the US, Fiat of Austin, is an Certified Female Friendly Dealer and markets their cars primarily to—guess who? Women.” Fiat of Austin is currently under the direction of Lisa Copeland, who utilizes the Buying Cars Her Way model in employing an equally male and female sales and service staff and in catering sales to the needs of female customers as well as male customers.

We at Buying Cars Her Way appreciate the shout out to Fiat of Austin and agree one hundred percent. Before you target individuals for a certain product, make sure you have a full understanding of the individuals you’re targeting. Customers really appreciate knowing that you know and care about who they are!

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