How to Recognize Entitlement at Work and Crush It

What is Entitlement
Every company wants to attract the best of the best—and many companies do so by offering amazing perks. Free food, awesome work-related activities, and big bonuses are terrific benefits, but after a while, these perks lose their luster. They become the norm. Rather than working to achieve these extras in the workforce, employees begin to expect them. The employees gain a sense of entitlement—the expectation of receiving something they didn’t work for. Entitlement is rampant in mediocre emp...

3 Scary Traits of Mediocre Employees

mediocrity at work
The term mediocre was formed from the French word meaning “half way up the mountain.” If your employees are mediocre, they are only giving half of the effort needed to succeed; they are only halfway up the mountain. Those who are happy with making it halfway are not only dragging down themselves, but they could bring down the whole business. Here are a few reasons you shouldn't have room for mediocre employees. Mediocre Employees are Less Than the Best... Every Day Mediocrity in the workpl...

5 Unforgettable Lessons I Learned from Austin Honor Flight #29

Honor Flight Austin
I had the distinct privilege to escort 51 WWII veterans along side 50 other guardians to Washington D.C to the WWII memorial. It was the trip of a lifetime to honor these heroes, and I learned a lot from my new friend, Chuck, that will stick with me for the rest of my life. These are men and women who were ready to sacrifice everything for our great country. Here is Chuck and I, among the other Veterans and guardians, headed for our flight: Our visits to the memorials were both somber ...

Lisa Copeland Manages a ‘Best Dealership to Work For’ via Chief Happiness Officer

Lisa Copeland and Kristi D'Amato
Fiat-Alfa Romeo of Austin was recently named one of the Best Dealerships to Work For by Automotive News Magazine, and I couldn't be prouder. A lot of care and attention goes into fostering a cohesive, happy workplace, and we see it pay off every day at our dealership. Our honor as an Automotive News Best Dealership to Work For comes right back around to crushing mediocrity in the workplace. As managers, we must go above-and-beyond for our employees to create a wonderful workplace that everyon...

5 Ways to Crush Mediocrity in the Workplace

Crushing Mediocrity at Work with Lisa Copeland
Lisa Copeland gives us five powerful tools for crushing mediocrity at work. It has become the norm for people entering the workforce to feel entitled to certain benefits and pay despite their lack of experience. In a world of participation trophies and prizes for those that do the bare minimum, mediocrity is running rampant, especially in the workforce. Does this sound right for your business? No. To run a successful business, crushing mediocrity is key. After all—not everyone gets a t...

Lisa Copeland’s Key Note Examples

Lisa Copeland Naked
Lisa Copeland is an inspiring force for leaders in automotive, and her message translates across every industry. Her ability to motivate has been described as 'electrifying', with keynote speeches that will get your team excited and ready to make a change. As a leading advocate for pushing the envelope when it comes to team performance, Lisa Copeland can help your team to crush mediocrity and deliver results. Lisa's Blockbuster Key Notes: Crushing Mediocrity Not Everybody Gets a Trophy! A...

Sergio Marchionne, CEO FIAT Chrysler

marcchione copeland
"Lisa is also an incredible salesperson herself, an excellent manager and a dynamic leader, and what she and her team have achieved here at the Fiat of Austin store is unprecedented," Marchionne said. "I know the passion and the personal involvement all of you feel every day in what you do. The team has a passion to succeed, and there's no question that Lisa helps inspire the enthusiasm they bring to representing Fiat."

Beth South of Austin American Statesman

Beth South Lisa Copeland
"Lisa's energy, innovative ideas and captivating communication style make her a stand-out..." “As a morning keynote speaker for the recent Austin Women's Conference & Show, Lisa provided a fresh perspective for women navigating today's business environment. Her years of successful work in the automotive field coupled with her unique viewpoint as an active woman's advocate, provided our conference attendees a valuable and thought-provoking experience. Lisa's energy, innovative ideas and capt...

Lisa Beth Thomas, President, Texas Women in Business

Lisa Beth Thomas for Lisa Copeland
"Her Expertise, passion, and personality were electrifying from the stage..."            "Lisa Copeland was the keynote speaker on Marketing to Women for the Texas Women in Business Association inaugural luncheon. Her Expertise, passion, and personality were electrifying from the stage as she shared her message. The audience loved her and learned from her message about capturing the female market"