Women's Guide to the Automotive World 

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Backup Cameras Required for All Vehicles by 2018

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If you’ve been waiting for a car that has a backup camera to add that extra bit of safety protection, but haven’t wanted to shell out the extra bucks for the optional, we’ve got some news for you! As of May 1, 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed a new rule requiring all new vehicles introduced to the market to have backup cameras.

The rule, which stems from a push from consumers affected by tragic back-over accidents, will be final in 60 days. It is set to start phasing in on May 1, 2016, allowing carmakers two full years to implement the change. With the implementation of ..read more


What to Do For a Vehicle Recall

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According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, when a carmaker sends out a recall notice regarding a potentially serious safety concern, only 72 percent of these recalled vehicles are actually repaired. This means nearly a third of car owners never take their car to get fixed, even though they won’t pay a dime for the work. Many times, this is a result of not understanding exactly how the recall process works. In order to ensure you’re driving the safest vehicle possible we’ve got all the information you need for a vehicle recall right here.

Determine the severity of the recall. If you happen to find a recall notice in the ..read more


Toyota Awards Mothers of Invention $150,000 in Grants

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Toyota helped the progress of women take a huge step forward last month. At the third annual Women in the World summit in New York, the Japanese carmaker issued three $50,000 grants to women selected as the “Mothers of Invention.”

The “Mothers of Invention” award recognizes four different women’s use of innovation and courage to tackle some of the largest obstacles that women face today. The recipients of the grants this year were Aseneth Andrews, founder of The Catherine Ferguson Academy for Young Women, which is an educational institution for pregnant girls and teen mothers; Talia Leman, founder of Randomkid.org, which encourages any random child to help change the world; and ..read more


Saving Gas Money Tips for Your Spring Road Trip

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When sunshine and flowers come calling, pushing away the dingy gray of winter, it normally means that your kids’ spring break is right around the corner. If you’re planning on hitting the road to some special destination when that time comes, you might be a bit worried about saving gas money—but have no fear! Follow these tips on saving spring road trip gas money and you’ll find even more money to spend at fun family activities, instead of at the pump.

Give your car a spring-cleaning. Usually spring cleaning means finally organizing your basement that looks a bit like it belongs in an episode of Hoarders, but you can also spring ..read more


Nissan Encourages Women to Move Toward STEM Careers

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The car industry tends to be somewhat of a boys club. There are very few women who are in influential positions within the industry, while even fewer women are part of the engineering teams who create the cars that are sold globally. While the industry has begun to slowly shift towards giving women a bigger hand with Mary Barra named the first female CEO of an American carmaker, there is still a big gap the industry needs to fill between men and women. Nissan is looking to do just that through DigiGirlz 2014, a program that provides high school girls an opportunity to learn about different science, technology, engineering, and math ..read more


Hollywood Women Go Green with Car Choices

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Hollywood is known for judging people based on their looks—but what about judging cars with the same criteria? According to a recent report from Hollywood Reporter, the leading ladies of Tinsel Town are moving away from the flashy, sexy cars that normally dot L.A.’s freeways to much more eco-friendly choices.

With the likes of Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Kate Bosworth, and Natalie Portman hitting the road in a Toyota Prius and the sales of all-electric vehicles on the up and up, there’s no denying that women nowadays care a whole lot less about the looks of their car and much more about the effect they have on the environment. But is ..read more


2014 Lexus RX Hybrid: Luxuriously Practical

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Life is all about choices. When it comes to choosing the right car for your family, it can be easy to get stuck with one big question: Is space or fuel efficiency more important? If you’re looking for a car that is both spacious and eco-friendly, look no further than the 2014 Lexus RX Hybrid. With the space of an SUV and the fuel efficiency of a mid-sized sedan, there’s really no way you can go wrong with this hybrid—unless you don’t like luxury of course.

The Lexus RX Hybrid, which has a similar hybrid system to its Toyota Prius cousin, gets an astounding EPA-estimated 30 mpg combined fuel economy rating, ..read more


Tips for Teaching your Teen to Drive

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More than a few of us can admit to having an interesting experience when first learning to drive. Whether it was your father knocking your hands off the wheel because you can’t keep it steady or your mother hanging on to the passenger side for dear life while slamming on the imaginary brake, learning to drive can be an experience that will influence you for years to come, if not the rest of your life. Because of this, it’s important that you make sure your teen’s first driving experiences are as educational as possible. To do so, make sure you follow these tips on teaching your teen to drive—we promise, ..read more


NHTSA New Recall Methods Make Recall Awareness Easy

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Missing a safety recall on your vehicle can be easy, especially since it’s hard to distinguish the slip of paper from the rest of the junk mail that arrives in your mailbox every day. In order to make it easier to know when your car has a slight bug in it, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has come up with two new methods of notifying car owners.

The first method fixes the problem with identifying your recall from the rest of your mail pile—a brand-new label that is only used on safety recall notices. With a bright blue circle, separated in three different parts, it’s easy to see tell ..read more


Audi Super Bowl Commercial Takes Compromise to New Level

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For a lot of viewers this year, the competition between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks took a backseat to the really important Super Bowl action—the commercials. With more and more ads each year vying for Super Bowl airtime, the expectations are high and opportunities are endless. So it’s a no surprise when it comes to looking for the best commercials of the bunch, Audi comes out on top with its “Doberhuahua” commercial.

The sixty-second spot begins with a couple trying to decide between buying a Chihuahua or a Doberman. At the suggestion that they breed the two and create a hybrid, hilarity ensues. A dog with the oversized head of ..read more